Environmental Health Research Group

In progress

1.Training Programme in area of Environmental Health, Funded by ICMR, New Delhi  91,99,120/-

Highlight of the project

The Department of Health Research (DHR) scheme to provide advanced training to Indian health research personnel in cutting edge research areas of environmental health to improve public health in the country.


2. Agriculture Residue Burning (Field) Experiment (ARBE) over the North India, conducted in collaboration        with NPL, CSIR, New Delhi

3. Seasonal Variation in PM2.5concentration in Chandigarh, Funded by Department of Science &                        Technology  & Renewable Energy Chandigarh Administration 1, 50,000

4.  Study  to Assess the Exposure and Health Effects of Pesticides on General Population- Haryana                 Funded by  ICMR,  New Delhi

5.   Assessment of health risk due to cement industry and their mitigation strategies, Funded by                        Department of  Health and Family Welfare, Himachal Pradesh 21, 95,655

Highlight of the project
To conduct review of literature for reported human health risk due to cement industry and to propose a mitigation plan to reduce the adverse health impacts.
6. Environmental Exposure and Associated Health Risks in the Population Living near a Thermal Plant, Funded by CCDC, New Delhi  33, 97,900

Highlight of the project
To assess respiratory health status of the population residing near a thermal power plant, measure PM2.5 and heavy metals in flyash, air, water and soil.