Details of research supervision at MPH (Master in Public Health) Level:

Sr. No Name of Student Thesis Title
1. Deepak Bindra Assessment of sanitation practices and nitrate contamination of groundwater in Fategarh Sahib (Punjab)
2. Kavita Palaka Assessment of Dental Flurosis dental Caries and Associated Risk Factors in School Children of District fategarh Sahib, Punjab
3. Kirti Kataria Community perception of Air Pollution and related Health Risks in Megacity Delhi
4. Avinash Shroff Non-auditory Impact of Daily Noise Exposure on Traffic Policemen in Chandigarh
5. Deepti Sharma Exposure and Health Risk Assessment of Indoor Air Pollution in rural households, Punjab, India
6. Prachi Chauhan Extreme Temperature events and their relationship with excess all cause mortality in Chandigarh, India
7. Kashika Detection and Identification of dust mite allergens in the air conditioning filters
8. Saurabh Maji Effects of Weather and Air quality on hospital visit and admission for respiratory disorders at PGIMER, Chandigarh
9. Vibha Sharma -

Environmental Health Research Group